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About Us

In Taiwan, out of every third pig originated from us!


Formosa Fortune Group is committed to the development of agriculture and animal husbandry. The three major subsidiaries of the group are: Shin Yuan Fa Enterprises Co., Fa Chang Enterprise Co., Ltd., Future Foods Industry Co., Ltd.

The improvement of Taiwanese swine was created step by step by Chairman Yang Zhenghong, the founder of Fuchang Group.

In the early days, Taiwanese swine were smaller. Later, people introduced European and American swine to improve the qualities. Among all the farmers, Yang Zhenghong was the most success. With perseverance and countless attempts, he successfully made the imported swine, which was more suitable for the cold climate, adapted to subtropical climate with high humidity and temperature, Taiwan.

At the beginning, Chairman Yang Zhenghong was only engaged in the wholesale trading of feed ingredients. As the scale of Taiwanese pig farmers began to expand, a feed mill was established to meet the increasing demand.

At first, raising pigs was to test whether the feed formula could produce strong pigs. After taking over the pig farm operated by the Farmers’ Association in 1970, an experimental farm was built. If the pigs are to be well-raised, not only must the feed nutrition be balanced, but the quality of the breed is also the key to affecting the quality of the pigs. Thus, since 1974, Chairman Yang Zhenghong founded a professional breeding swine farm. Through the introduction of excellent breeding swine, and gradually established lineage sources. It began to lay the foundation for the pig industry in Taiwan.

After more than 50 years of hard work. Upholding the business philosophy of integrity, quality, innovation and service, Formosa Fortune Group has become a well-known agricultural and animal husbandry business group. Recently, the development has been extended to the mainland China and investment has been established: Guangzhou Fuchang Breeding Farm Co., Ltd., Guangxi Yulin Judong Fuchang Boar R&D Co., Ltd., Guangxi Hezhou Judong Fuchang Boar R&D Co., Ltd., etc., hoping to provide the excellent swine to farmers throughout Asia.