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Fortune Feed

We produce compound feed for livestock and aquatic products. And specialize in producing swine feed for all ages of swine. Our swine feed also provide to our own swine farm which received well results.

Premixes and Nutrients

We are the main distributor of Nuscience in Taiwan, a world known animal feed industry producing premixes, concentrates, nutritional concepts and functional feed ingredients. Not only do we imply their products in our own feed, we also sell the products to all customers.

Feed Ingredients

Aside from the feed and premixes, we also sell the feed ingredients, including corn, soy, bran etc., to local farmers. According to their demands, we sell all kinds of feed Ingredients, as well as feed concentrates, vitamins, minerals and other trace elements.

Customer service

We can also customize feed formulas according to your needs, and provide two forms of powdered or granular feed. We analyze the feed formula through computer and consult with our experts. By adding your preferred medicines, micronutrients and supplemented. We can produce your own feed which matches your demand.