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Shin Yuan Fa Enterprises Co.

Chairman Yang Zhenghong, the founder of Formosa Fortune Group, was mainly engaged in the sale of feed ingredients before 1968. Since 1968, he has transformed into the production of fully compounded feed. The pioneering brands “Great Wall” and “Hongchang” serve pig and chicken farmers. In 1972, the company, Shin Yuan Fa Enterprises Co., was officially established. To produce compound feed for livestock and aquatic products, and established the brand “Fortune”. To provide a quick and convenient feed preparation service for local farmers.

Fa Chang Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Chairman Yang Zhenghong founded Fa Chang Enterprise Co., Ltd., also known as Fortune Swine Farm, in Yilan in 1974. The artificial insemination (AI) station was established later. It specializes in pig breeding and has introduced swine from Europe and North America. The excellent breeding swine is carefully cultivated and adapted to Taiwan. The purebred swine includes Duroc, Landrace and Yorkshire. The company also became the first breeding farm in Taiwan to export to Southeast Asia in 1980.

Fortune Swine Farm implemented segregated early weaning (SEW) and implemented a strict anti-epidemic plan to cut off the infection of pathogens. It became the first Pseudorabies (PR) free swine farm in Taiwan. With the cooperation of famous academic research institutions, we minimize the influence of porcine stress syndrome of Landrace and Yorkshire and able to identify the high quality meat genes of Duroc. At the same time, the computer evaluation system is used to collect and analyze the swine growth performance, reproductive performance. Thus, we can breed swine with fast weight gain, high meat quality, excellent reproductive performance, strong disease resistance, good meat carcasses.

In addition to cultivating excellent breeding swine, Fortune Swine Farm set up a molecular biology laboratory. We use advanced biotechnology to identify genes and enhance the frozen semen production, such as PCR Machine, Electrophoresis System, Sequence Analyzer, Spectrophotometer, ELISA Reader. By detecting specific genes and pathogens, we can have a greater view on breeding swine.

In 2000, Fortune Swine Farm became the first pure-breeding farm in Taiwan to pass the ISO 9002 international quality certification.

Future Foods Industry Co., Ltd.

After the successes of feed industry and animal breeding business, Chairman Yang Zhenghong hoped to make contribution to the general consumer. Therefore, he established Future Foods Industry Co., Ltd. in 1994. Producing meat products and distributing fresh frozen meat products. To provide consume hygiene, health and delicious meat.