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Fortune Purebred

Fortune Duroc

Fortune Landrace

Fortune Yorkshire

1. Introduction:

We imported excellent swine and frozen semen from all of the best swine-breeding countries all over the world in the early days. After years of breeding and regular introduction of new swine, our Fortune swine has develop several advantages and characteristics that can meet customers’ demand.

We develop the most detailed pedigree registration among all farms in Taiwan, and combine with the strict appearance and body examination. All of our swine pedigree are traceable. When we start to breed our swine, we categorized the swine into different lines based on their performance : reproductivity line, growth line, lean meat line. And utilize this information to improve our swine.

2. Advantages and Characteristics:

  • More adaptable to the subtropical and tropical climates.
  • Beautiful shapes and outstanding performance.
  • Different performance lines : Reproductivity Line, Growth Line, Meat Line.
  • Strong disease resistance.
  • The hogs (which use our Duroc as terminal boar) have good meat quality.

Fortune Hybrid

LY ( Landrace + Yorkshire )


Fortune hybrid swine combines with our own Landrace and Yorkshire swine. With the hybrid vigor, our Fortune Hybrid has great reproductive and growth performance. Which is not only very popular in market of Taiwan, but also in the market of the world. Furthermore, our customers also use Fortune Duroc as the terminal boar and the meat performance is amazing.

Fresh / Frozen Semen


Artificial insemination (AI) of pigs is one of the most convenient, effective and cost-effective ways to quickly improve the performance of breeding pigs and pigs. Regardless of whether it is commercialization or small farm-style pig raising, operators hope to achieve the goal of improving the production efficiency of pig farms and reducing production costs. With the assistance of artificial insemination technology, boars can be carried out in large quantities and continuously. Accelerating the improvement of the pig herd and improve the performance of the group.